is klean pump spill proof?

Yes. From Normal in door counter top table use. It is nearly 100% Spill proof. This does not include the following circumstances.

Holding it upside down for any longer than 30 seconds.

Throwing the bottle. (Hard impacts of any sort will rupture the bottles.)

This product was developed for IN-HOME use and TABLE TOP accessibility.  Our bottles were not developed to be OUT-DOORS OR in Direct SUNLIGHT. 

I pushed my top down and it sprayed everywhere? WHY?

Okay, Okay.., I am sorry but, you simply depressed to quickly and, the end result is a lot of sprayed alcohol everywhere. One, there is a BUILT-IN Snap CAP.  Keep it closed prior to dispensing. Unless covering with a thick paper towel or cotton pad.  These bottles give you a little with a gentle push. Or A LOT...! with a SHARP, STRONG, PUSH DOWN! SO please exercise with caution. WATCH ALL TUTORIALS PRIOR TO PURCHASE.  Make sure you take great care of your bottle. Treat it like you would your Torch. It can be filled with Isopropyl Alcohol which is flammable. Or you can purchase some Dark Crystal Cleaner which we HIGHLY recommend & non Flammable.