Fully Worked & Single Label Dwreck Col-labs

Fully Worked & Single Label Dwreck Col-labs

from 39.99

Welcome to our awesome new Dwreck Col-labs buyers section.

Currently we have 3 Logo etched bases for immediate purchase and shipping. They have our Klean Pump logo etched in along with our Klean Pump sticker logo on back.

Dereck and I have come together to make something one of a kind and special just for you. Want your logo blasted on your pump? We can do it. Please email kleanpump@gmail.com and we can get you rolling on your very own custom. Prices will vary depending on the amount of time that goes into creating each individual pump base. Prices are as follows

  • 199.99 fully worked Dwreck Glass base.

  • 39.99 Klean Pump Logo & Single Dwreck stamp 

  • 39.99 Klean Pump logo only Full Frost

*Please note that CA residents are subject to CA State Tax.

Fully Worked Dwreck Art Base:
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