Pre-Order Vpack V1 & V3 bottles

Pre-Order Vpack V1 & V3 bottles


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Here’s the V Pack. One for your “on-the-go” needs and one for your tabletop at home. Both of these products should be in every connoisseurs’ set-up. Always ensuring a clean surface to start with and guarantees a greater flavor, heat retention and over all longevity of your chosen quartz. OUR PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR Dark Crystal Cleaner Solution. Our prices include shipping!

All orders are shipped on Friday’s and Monday’s.

We are a small, yet growing business. With that being said, our packages can take up to 5 days to ship. Rest assured your order will be shipped. Email for any concerns about your orders.

This Vpack includes the following.

1- V1 On the Go

1- V3 Solid

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Vpacks are exactly what every serious connoisseur needs out of a set of Iso Pumps. One for on the go needs. The other for the table top at home. They also make AMAZING gifts!