Klean Pump

Our story is pretty simple.  Klean Pump came from a necessity.  I was tired of always having to tilt isopropyl alcohol bottles. Yes, I've had some heady glass bottles as well but you shouldn't need to have such an expensive option. My wife and I came up with the idea of the bottles one night when we discovered it ourselves.  We've had to go through several different companies and models before we came up with the models you see here. V1 Klean Pump is our favorite isopropyl pump for your ON-THE-GO needs. Whether in your Pelican carrying case, your bottle will not spill or leak any cleaner. Our newest addition, the V3 Solid has been an amazing hit as well. One gentle push from a cotton swab and you’re ready to wipe up.

Say goodbye to dangerous open containers of alcohol. We are now the LARGEST importer of the bottles and future bottles to date; there is no other company offering the same amount of customization of this product. Private labels - no problem!  Why bother calling other countries when you have a stateside connection for all of your needs?  Wholesale?  We will be more than happy to send out pricing and breakdowns upon request or call (818) 570-PUMP (7867) for more details and information.